New Track: "drill Bit 5h1t"

Hey everyone,

After messing around for a few months with chopping drums 09xx style, learning some tweaking tricks, curing diseases and running for U.S. president, I’ve finished up my 2nd Renoise track! Please check it out, if you’d be so inclined.

It’s titled “Drill Bit 5h1t” and is on my Myspace page:

Thanks + enjoy + etc.

very cool tune. i like the snare rushes and 8-bit. all around alive.

agree :slight_smile:
I like the bassline, keep it up :D

Thanks for listening, guys! :) I appreciate the support.

These are really encouraging comments, because I’ve messed with the Amen/drill stuff and chiptunes before, but this is the first time I’ve tried combining both in a track. And I’m also new to the whole “wobble bassline via fucking with the cutoff automation” thing so I’m excited it all worked out. Renoise FTW!

I’ll definitely crank out some more stuff and share it here.