New Track In 128Bpm

Please give me feedback :rolleyes:

Hope you like it ^_^

Next time, please upload a FLAC file! It will be (on average) 60% smaller than the WAV and uses lossless compression so you won’t lose a thing.

First, please fix the DC offset by high-passing sufficiently in the mix (especially after filters, if need be). In general the master sounds quite harsh and clinical. Please do turn the volume down and fix the DC offsets though. I can’t really comment the mix until I hear the mix as opposed to the master but the kick sounds quite loud and dominating. In fact anything below 200 Hz (i.e. the bass as well) is too loud compared to everything else. I don’t find the master all that aesthetically pleasing to listen to as it stands. Will leave the musical comments over to someone else.

I like the track, nice tune and all, but what’s with the weird transitions?
Sounds like you have some automated filter on the master channel, filtering everything away,
i think it would be much better if you left something unfiltered and maybe added some vocal speech effects, drum transitions or something awesome.
At some point i would like to hear the drums go faster aswell, making it a bit more exciting.
I’m not very fond of using dblue’s glitch on the master either, it gets too obvious and in my opinion i think you kan do better glitches and get alot more control with pattern effects in renoise.
That’s if you’re not to lazy to learn how to use them, it can seem a bit intimidating with all these codes and shit, but it’s definately worth it.
I wasn’t very impressed with the part at 0:10 either, i instantly thought i had heard this before, but it got better so i kept listening. ;)

I don’t mean to be all negative, i’m just trying to give you some constructive critisism. My opinion may not be other people’s opinions though, it’s all about preferences. :)

I understand you :rolleyes: i think the same thing, glitch on master is not a good idea, that is something i have learned ^_^ thanks for your clever words :D

Thank you for your mastering tips, can be so that my monitors have too little bass (Dfeldt Audioengine 2) soo i boost the bass and kickdrum to much :o

Btw, i can’t se how to render to Flac in renoise :(