New Track Made On 1.8 - Opinions Please |-)

Well, after trying to get this finished in time for a gig with a fellow renoise user, It was put on hold for a few days as we couldn’t play live. This was due to my mate getting his laptop nicked in his own home, violently from his own hands, and he’s truly gutted.
So, now I’ve come back to it, I’ve come to ask your opinions before I add finishing touches and add some kind of ending. It sorta went a bit darker after I heard my mate’s bad news but I think it still works. Let me know what you think. (I know the strings/synths are a bit loud in this mixdown)

Enjoy :walkman:

Nice track you’ve done there. I really dig the long intro evolving nicely into the tune, that dark pad sounds also really good. A bit disturbing was the lead sound (eg. 4:19), and personally i’m not that much a friend of the amen loop anymore, i really like the guitar like part beginning at 6:06, has a nice jumpy feeling, then going more wild for the end, good work!

Schweet. I wish I saw more live renoisers where I live. it might even influence me to try using it as a live tool. I like the voice sample and when it picks back up around 2:31.
I stil like Amen Breaks though :drummer:
I like the noisey distortion effects, i happen to dig synths with crunch. Yeah man I say mix this into your set, it has rest times and floor jumping beat sections too, I would make the beat sections long so they don’t have too many rest times though.

To be honest, I would hardly call mine live, as what I put up are rendered mixes. When I do play out, I normally just tweak bits as I go along, and loop sections if they’re enjoying it. No live editing goes into my performances yet, although I’m thinking about using Renoise with Resolume to provide more of an A/V live set, depending on what results I could acheive. I do plan to do a lot more during sets though once I get my Kontrol 49 setup with a Conroe CPU. I’ll have to adapt my style of Renoise songwriting before I go a great deal further, and learn those darned keyboard shortcuts too!

As for the Amen thing, I do kind of agree with you about how it’s pretty much been killed over it’s years of thorough abuse. My only drawback is that I have trouble finding anything that fills those gaps in the same way. :blink: I guess my old habits will die hard.

Listening back on it now (after a quite few days off), so will hopefully update with a better mixed version quite soon with some more effort on the melody variations, and an ending. I know some of those synths stick out a lot, still experimenting I guess!

I was trying to figure out what 'yall meant by “Amen Break”, then I looked it up on Wikipedia–I didn’t know that drum loop was that old. Wow… At least it’s not used as much as that Milli Vanilli rhythm (I only call it that because 3/4 of their songs used it). :)

Anyway–good tune. I thought the bassline near the beginning was interesting in the way it sounds like power lines snapping and breaking, sort of.