New track (nu disco-ish meets.

Hey. Here’s a track/remix I did for the wonderful Miriam Vaga, released on her single “Cocoon” last week, together with a Guy J remix + a couple of others.
It’s kind of a blend of nu disco and progressive house / slow house, I guess. And a bit different from what I normally make. All made in Renoise of coz!

Appreciate if you check it out!

Soundcloud, with it the inevitable CRAPPY quality: (first track)



The vocal conveys the range of feelings at the background of well-elaborated music. The work is made efficiently, instruments emphasize the vocal and give it additional charm. Well done!

I know her mother

:slight_smile: Just joking… :dribble:

thanks for your feedback redpanda, appreciate it.

lol @ escii :slight_smile:

I like the disco tom and the ending is really good. It’s the kind of thing you look forward to hearing when replaying the song.

thanks Sam!