New Track On The Way

Another work in progress (do I ever finish something? Sometimes :P). This time a beat for a new project me and a friend are working on. I’ll be making beats, she’ll be singing, maybe with some guest-appearances from a rapper or two. For those of you who heard “Broken” (made a thread about that track a little while back), she’s already laid down some vocals on that. That version will be up “soon” ™.

Maybe a bit premature upload, but I have no patience and would like to hear your first impressions ;)

I’m not very happy with the guitar-thingie yet, but…

Any thoughts? width=100% height=81[/embed]

Edit: Hmmmm, some artifacts on the kick there I haven’t heard before… I wonder if that’s from signal following that with volume on the saw-synth…?

The kick is empty and flat you mean? yeah, i agree, i’m having trouble finding the right kicks… maybe time to start layering kicks.
also i’ve gotta try to get some more bass in there all over.

and i could agree that it might be better to just post finished stuff, but still i’m getting feedback and new things to think about from doing it like this. ofcourse if it bothers anyone i’ll stop.

Nice stuff dude, I love the melody. Actually the drums sound good ‘soft’. The whole thing sounds kinda ‘filled’ though, as in, things aren’t very ‘clear’. I guess it’s because there’s too much bass. Also, the pad toward the last segment sounds a little… not suiting.

Great track, waiting for the finished version. :)

Hehe, yeah, thanks man. I was gonna write “feedback (like i just got from you)” in the first answer, but I removed it before posting for some reason.

At this point I’m not really concerned with trying to make the best track I can, I’m more concerned with trying to make it sound right. I can make music (I think), but I still feel I have too much to learn when it comes to mixing etc, and I’ve gotta learn it before I’ll ever come close to being done/happy with a track, if you know what I mean. And getting input on a track while i’m working on it from people who know their stuff seems to be the best way to learn.

About downloading drumkits, I’m all out of HD space these days :’(

And about respect for people’s time, I absolutely agree… If I had to have people download an mp3 and couldn’t just upload to Soundcloud and have the player itself appear here on the forum I wouldn’t be posting works in progress

I guess I should have done that, yeah ;)

I’ll take a look at that link later on, now I’m off to get drunk(er) :P

And I have too many questions on mastering… I’m having a really hard time with it.

Anyway, sorry if it’s seemed like i’ve been attacking you or something, that wasn’t my intention. Have a nice night and talk to you later

Little tricky to listen to something that is going to be getting vocals latter on, but…

Intro sounds natural

The percussive thing that enters at 0:12 is sweet

Between the kick and the bass drone the low end sounds a little mushy to me.

Guitar part is written really nice, but yeah, sound from digital guitars isn’t that satisfying.

Bass riff at 1.11 is solid.

2.22, I actually like the pad thing doing F#, G, D, E thing under the bass riff, but the transition from the sustained F# to the more dissonant G sounds a little uncomfortable to me. When I was just messing around on my piano, playing the D right below G along with the G made it sound a bit more natural, you might try that but I don’t know if that would work with a pad sound.

The cymbals that enter at 2.22 sound a little too computer-y, but the pattern sounds right.

I like the abrupt ending, works nice.

Overall, pretty nice, I hope to hear the finished version sometime

Now that’s what I call feedback :)

Thanks man, I’ll work my way through your list later on. Will definitely look into the pads

It’s not supposed to end there though :P

Well maybe it should :P

Hehe, maybe it should :)