New Track With Better Production

I’ve been reading up on this board and am happy with how I can better ‘communicate’ the tune ideas I have in my head through Renoise. Of course it’s not perfect but can see improvement in the overall sound quality compared to previous efforts.

Special thanks to Kickofighto for telling me about HP filters and avoiding overuse of distortion filters, and to Tomij7 for suggesting more use of mid-range sounds.

:slight_smile: The most important thing, is you can keep the listeners attention, and I find myself listening to it again. The bass is really up in the mix, but I like it. Some of the other darker melodies and pads are very musical… You have something here… need a little bit of practice…

There’s a couple of production elements; that might be working against you… panning the kick? did you pan it? imho, that might be whats causing this low frequency mud… Also… If you check out the use of sends, you will find that a mix can deal with large amounts of delay, chorus, reverb, “whatever,” more easily…

A few things I might have done… Was trying a tighter amount of compression on the bass, and using a Low Pass, or High Shelf and having the cutoff somewhere in the low 500 htz range… All of a sudden you would hear your cymbals more… Than if you hp the cymbals, with the cutoff at about the 500 range, than you have less dirt covering the bass… you open up your mids even more…

When you keep your kick drum center… you have something steady to balance the volume to… You balance the kick drum, and the bass together… and bring up the other sounds to according to the mix, the track, the arrangement, and what you are going for.

Well… Just some friendly pointers…

Hope its alright,


I dig it, very unique sound you’ve got there. :walkman:

That constantly panning drum effect is a little weird in my ears. I would probably try soften that a little.

There’s some room for booting highs in my opinion. I hear all the instruments so I would not cut much (although basic filter should be always set for each track). But my mixing hear is not really that good, previous comment might be right about this. But you know best how the instruments sound solo and is something getting muddier when listening the whole mix?

FabFilter tutorials have excellent overall mixing tips, which have helped me a lot.

In spite of small details, this song has great feel and nice on-going theme. Keep up the excellent work!