New Track

atomly - hi, jed, are you there? it’s me, kevin parish. [mp3]

Please let me know what you think.

Pretty good, but lacks a lot.

The percussion was done very well. My tracks are crazily unphrased ; )
more like autechre.

Your track is good for just relaxing, sort of an ambient play with an abstract drumline. What’d you make the bass in? I could never achieve such a warm sound.

Yea, it’s a very one dimensional song that has the structure of intro->main idea->outro, which makes it feel pretty static, so I know what you mean.

The bass was made with the Sonic Syndicate Junglist (no effects on it). I can send you the RNS, but it uses the Junglist, the NI Pro-52 and the Akai QuadComp.

some wired drums. off beat can be very cool when used careful but you overdo it a little, I think.
still a nice track to relax.