New Track

Hi guys,

please take some time to listen to my new track, the “California Games Mix”. Does anybody still know the game ? This game rocks. Played it for hours with my friends back in the 80’s, so I felt like I have to do a remix. I remixed the music of the C64 version.
I think, if you know the original songs, you’ll like my remix more than when you never heard of the game. And when you know the game, then try to find out which part of the song comes from which discipline in the game :)
Feel free to review :rolleyes:

I remember those games :) And now I´m looking forward to hear what you have come up with. Because I really liked your lullaby/lovesong.

I´ll come back with a small comment when I have heard your song…

I think I remember some of those themes…

That was a very long and varied song! How long did it take you to make?

It feels abit to polished, abit like a midi tune, but I´m quite impressed over the work.

Its very well done.


thx for the comment.
In fact, it took about one long night and then one sunday afternoon to finish … I just had to listen to the original and get the melodies and then add something here and there. And there’s every single song from the c64 version in it. :D
The toughest thing was the crossover between the single pieces. In fact, I think this could be done better, but it’s ok to me.
Hm you mean it should sound more “rough” ? :yeah: And what exactly makes it sound like a midi tune ?

Wow thats some fast work :o
What do you do for a living?

I think its because the notes lie to perfect in beat and probably have the same volume…And maybe there should be some more notes with very low volume inbetween the main notes…

Btw I think you have made all transitions very smooth except for 04.45 min into the song, where the drums increase in speed…
But other than that you have succeded very well…


im an IT specialist who uses to go to bed late :lol:
yeah I need more “humanization” in the future. well for the transition at 4:45 I had no other idea … but the part that comes after that is my favorite … surfin ’ B)
chris grigg must have been inspired by the song “wipe out”.

It’s strange, I see nice comments about your song, but not ONE vote for it… Well, I gave it a 80%, cuz I think games music is a fascinating genre and this track is no exception!

What is so fun about games music is all the different parts of the songs and the way they all seem to relate to each other.

Great work!!! Especially on the drums, keep it up :D

thx man, even if i think that 80% is a bit over-rated :P
game music is indeed fascinating. the unreal music e.g (which was btw tracked) is one good example. it simply has it’s own style.