New Track!

One of my new remixes that will be released in my next remix album is available to listen at myspace music! :lol:

of course, 100% made with Renoise. :rolleyes:

enjoy! B)

good work as aways!!

thanks! glad you liked! :lol:

I like the focus and the simple drive of your music. It’s easy to listen to. I love your vibrato in your voice. The chord progressions are nice. You’ve found a nice formula.

Perhaps the only constructive critism I can give (after all, that’s why we’re here, right?) is about your mixing. I feel like you tend to mix some parts too low, especially your vocals, and sometimes your percussion. You may be adding too many effects to a track to soften a part. As a result, it sometimes positions that part too far to the back of the overall mix. You don’t do it always and it’s also very subjective. (I could also be totally wrong :))

It seems that whoever is mixing your voice, is not giving your voice enough credit - and could be sometimes processing your voice too much. Do you mix these yourself?

Thanks for your input MickRip and glad you like my work too. :D

Well, I do the mixing of everything too, but is a little hard to say for the bad quality streaming samples I think.

All theses samples were made with the not mastered version. Means no final compression, EQ, etc…

The vocals aren’t mine, but I know I’m not great with vocals, still learning… since I’m not a singer (which I would love to), I never care much for vocals treatment, and only start to learn few years ago, and I still have a lot more to learn. :huh:

About the other things you said, I really can’t understand exactly what you mean to say… maybe if you point me where you see that in each track/second will help me to ID which problem you mean. :unsure:

thanks again for you input. :rolleyes: