New "Trance" Song :)

Listen on my new song

new song made in renoise 2.7 ^_^

please write what you think about the maestering and mixing in the song :unsure:
and if you liked the song in general ;)

i’ve only used a free vst called “Synth1” and some samples :yeah:

Not that bad!
I’d add some more layering though. Some pads and stuff like that…

Thank you! Yes i think that too. I made a fast song (maybe 2 hour or 1) and i was basiclly only training on mastering :unsure:

what do you think about the mastering ? :o I mastered the song in cheap monitors for 280 dollars…

more songs are coming :)

The mastering is fine to me, but it you want to get more info - then put the track into some DJ software and have a look at the waveform… Can you see the kicks? Is the whole track on one level or is there varying headroom? The kick is the loudest thing in trance music. If I can’t hear or see it, I most likely won’t play it on a set. As I said, there aren’t that many layers, so things should be ok.
Well that’s at least how I approach mastering. I’m not that good at it, so I’m not 100% trustable.

280$ monitors aren’t really that bad. I have yet to pick up mine - currently only on headphones and X-530s :(