New Trance Track

Hi all,

I thought I’d share with you part of the unnamed tune I’m working on, since it’s been produced with Renoise. It’s intended to be trance and it’s turning out quite progressive, rather repetitious without much melody. It runs through the intro up to the beginning of the breakdown, roughly three and a half minutes, so it’s about half finished so far.

It’s 100% written using Renoise, mostly using VST instruments: the Professional, P80, Tarkus, D-909, Trance-Pro and Performer synths from SuperWave and a couple of samples too. The track was mastered using Audacity. I am still getting the hang of things but I hope to get published some time: maybe not with this track, but perhaps the next one, or the one after that… Hope you like it!

Cheers, Rick.

hey man , nice track , trance is usually not my cup of tea but i gave it a try and liked it … sounds like a late 90’s trance style i guess… the only thing i would chance is maybe the kick … to something with more Presence in the track … “sharp” sound…

You read my mind…I was just thinking exactly the same thing. Thanks for the advice, and glad you liked it. Renoise rocks! :guitar:

I don’t want to be harsh but sounds like a good demo to me. Melodies and structure works. What requires more work is sound / mix. Overal mix is a bit flat.
My guess is that it’s result of over boosted bass / treble or loudness setting in your sound system? It may sound right in your system but not somewhere else.
I think you can fix the sound greatly by just eq:ing all tracks individually. At least cut all the unneeded frequencies. For example cut all low frequencies
from hihats high as possible that it still sound the same. This gives clarity and room for same frequencies in other instruments that might need that space in frequency range.
Every sound have their own space in the mix. Think where each sound belong in the mix before you start eq:ing it.

Reason why i’m picky is that you mention about publishing it. Also i think trance and genres a like have huge part of the appeal in overal sound. Just put more work into it and it will be fine track.

Thanks, I really appreciate your advice. EQing and mixing are definitely the areas I still have the most to learn in, or at least so it seems to me right now. It’s definitely heartening to hear that the song itself is okay. Hope springs eternal but I don’t realistically expect this one to get published. If each track comes out better than the last then sooner or later I am sure I will get there. I will keep tweaking and try to hear it on as many sound systems as I can. Thanks again!

Oh, and don’t worry about being harsh. Honest and constructive criticism is absolute gold to me at this stage.

If you are serious about music, i recommend to get monitor speakers if possible. You can have good mix without them but monitors make it easier. Monitor headphones are not bad thing either and they’re cheaper than speakers.