New Tune Just Completed

I have never really posted my work up here but this tune I am thinking of maybe sending to a few minor record labels so any advice on how to polish it so it shines would be great!!

The tune is called Energy Evolved and can be streamed from the link below…

Thanks in advance…

Click Me!!

W H O A H ! :w00t:

ya dude, awesome tune! very good punch, very good electronic “supersaw”… also great hat-mixing. I like in particular the fat bass, great work there yes.

Well, the overall of the sound is very good, maybe some strange choir voices that i don´t understand but… hey that´s your song xD

Very original BTW

Will you post a direct MP3 download? (before it goes comercial xD)

What Vsti did you used? it´s written in renoise? will the RNS file be publicaly avaliable?

Execelent tune. It was very pleasant to fu*ck the neighbours with your song (and 200w)

  • Klez

really nice sounding stuff.
i love the buildup from like 5:00 - 6:30

i would definitely dance my ass off to this in a club

good luck on sending to the labels! i hope you make it!

Have shortened the tune to 8:22 as it was a little long and added another acid line…

Gonna leave this for a couple of weeks to gage the response and do a little sparkling up with fresh ears…

Thanks for taking to time to listen…

Can’t find anything that I think could be improved! The production is 10 out of 10!

Excellent work!