New Tune

Insane Prophecy just finished a new tune.

Check it out.

(Any) feedback is much appreaciated :)

Hey man - I’ve noticed a bunch of songs lately being posted but it seems like few people are offering feedback.

I did check it out and it sounds really good to me. I don’t typically listen to this style of music and am not at all knowledgabe about it – to me I would think I would classify it as industrial? (Other posters, don’t flame me if I’m wrong please!)

It sounds really good though. I could easily see this played on a radio show where the format is industrial.

I love that intro sound at the start that fades in. It some weird way it reminds me of keep hope alive by the crystal method. I think this also reminds me in some ways of recent prodigy, although the drums sound more live than the prodigy does. Good stuff!

This is really tops Dufey, hard edged pop, definitely with that older industrial-pop sound to it. I’d personally roll the loudness back a bit to let the dynamics punch a bit more, but for what it is it’s still good.

Hey dufey,

This is totally my alley, and totally commercial in my opinion.
Sounds like you are influenced from Skinny Puppy or Ministry, yes?

Very very nice. Do you have more tracks in this genre?
If you dont mind me asking, whos doing the vocals? And is the guitar a VST? (Slayer?)

I want to listen to more.

Thanks for clarifying that, yeah, I think it’s industrial too.

Hey Foo, yeah, now that you say it, it sounds overlimited… think I might try to bring more dynamics to it, just to let it breathe more.
Thanks buddy!

Sorry, I haven’t heard of these artists, but will check them out now!

I have similar tunes, check out my webpage, it’s in my signature.

A friend of mine, Mounir, did the vocals, actually improvised them while listening to a different tune. This is a remix of that old tune. I think he did a great job.

And yeah, that IS slayer, actually, good ear!

Thanks for the comments!

ohlala now that’s what i call energy !

overall great vibe, that snare feels so good. playing the song REALLY LOUD here (on repeat), awesome mix ! loud n proud. i didnt think it has too much limiting… though you can hear some pumping on the open hats (but i kinda like that…)

a tiny bit more bass on the kick perhaps ?

great track mister… it rrrealy rawks.