New User First Experience & Question

Hey guys. Tried Renoise demo a couple of nights ago and gelled with it instantly!!! Really cool program - feels lightweight and powerful. I’ve bought a Polyend Tracker too and look forward to using them together.

One concern, however - On my laptop (2017 i7 MacBook pro Retina) Renoise works super great - really fast and snappy and responsive. HOWEVER on my faster i9 2020 Imac, it is very sluggish! Clicking on buttons has a noticeable delay. The VU meters are all out of time and looks like it has very low frame rate. (I checked the options and it’s set to 60) it’s pretty unusable tbh.

Is that a known issue? Is there a simple way for me to resolve it?

Also one small question… Renoise shows a greyed out version of the pattern above the current pattern. I would like to turn that off, but can’t figure out how. Would be grateful if someone can let me know.

All the best!

Not sure, but try going into the preferences GUI tab and switching off ‘view multiple patterns continuously’ checkbox(?)

As for sluggish UI with OSX, don’t know if selecting a SRGB color profile helps at all(?): Renoise UI is sluggish everywhere after Catalina update

ah yes i guess that is one big difference between the machines - the i9 is on Catalina and the laptop on Mojave.

Thanks for that reply i will try those things.


You solved both issues !!

So happy, great first impression of the community too.

All the best!


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