New User Introduction

Hey, guys. My name’s Matt. I’ve been writing music for a long time. Started out in garageband and a few other horizontal sequencers that were free demo versions and basically whatever i could get my hands on. Didn’t get into tracking until this summer when i started using the gameboy tracker LSDJ. Then i downloaded the demo for renoise, started learning it, stopped for about 2 months, then got back into in late september, early october ish. I went through all the tutorials and have since been learning more and more. Eventually I came to the point to where i was comfortable enough on the tracker to recreate the sounds and sequences in my head on the tracker and switched to it as my main platform. About 3 weeks ago I purchased renoise and it is my main sequencer and computer-based music making tool. Since I began producing songs, I’ve made roughly 200 songs. Learning different methods and approaches to composing music. I joined this forum to post my music i made and get critical feedback, as well as contribute the renoise community in any way i can.

thanks, and cheers.


That is the point that is the most important imo :D

Damn that’s a lot dude!
I make one in a month if I’m fast. :P