New User Looking To Register...

…but as version 1.8 gets closer, does registering now keep you active until v2.5 or v2.8? =) In worst case I’ll just wait until 1.8 is out…

Keep up the great work!

Or just wait for the beatbattle and try to win a license.
You can now at least download Rc1 and try for yourself.

Mate trust me, just register it now. It costs bugger all and 2.5 is still going to be a pretty long way away.

yep ^ just like wormjar wrote.

2.5 is no doubt prit-tay far away! if there was even the slightest of chance 2.5 could come any quicker…

there is Absolutely. no doubt in my mind that we (Registered Renoise Users) would be fighting each other to see who could re-register quickest!!! :D
cuz, in the slightest of chance this did happen. this would ‘no doubt’ mean there were some sort of Tremendous features added, for us to drool over… even more! B)

i registered renoise 3 months after i registered for this forum (Sat Aug 07, 2004)
it was during the alpha testing phase of 1.5.0, the stable build during that time was, so i have until: 2.2.8

i actually look forward to re-registering too. cuz this will mean there will have been some Profound changes.
i’ve been slacking lately with keeping up on things, but ive paid a bit of attention to the Dev Team.
i know there is very forward thinking going on in the think tank. cuz there are a few things they have added recently to renoise, that is very similar to the highest regarded open source dsp softwares, namely the open buffer for copy/paste to another instance or instances of renoise, the open xml format for saving patterns, the list goes on an then some more! :) an i’m sure the more i talk about OSC (open sound control) the more likely they may be to implement an OSC host/client (sound server/interface) into renoise as the backbone for internal timing, so that one networked machine could be devoted to simply running the sound you hear, while another networked machine, Other networked machines, or even the same machine would be used to run the Sleek Renoise Gui & Track your song in realtime! by allowing us to send the data to the sound server ahead of time!

I would advise you to register now - I registered years ago and have most certainly got about ten times more value for money than the tiny sum I paid for Renoise. Look at how much every other music program costs compared to Renoise. Look at the price of Cubase or Sonar, then compare them to Renoise, and see what it can do that they can’t. It’s an absolute bargain - the more of us that register, the more time the devs. can put into adding what we want. If you’re registered, you can vote on new features that YOU want to see in Renoise. And if you don’t register, you still get to use the software with almost no functionality removed - that’s because it’s a great program that sells itself. If you buy it now it will be probably at least two years before you have to pay for an upgrade, and even then it would be peanuts.

its true thet renoise cost is not very big but renoise dont have for example good instrument. etc. But really renoise is very nice and in next year i will buy it.

  1. DONT mayke money on craked programs
  2. If you like this you must pay and program will be better

Thanks all of you for the feedback… I took your advice and registered…

It’ll be a merry christmas!


i will by in next month)