New User Saying... Elloooooh

so yeah… eh…

my name is lenny, from the netherlands and making music since about 7 years… last 2 years i made music almost everyday but i felt kinda ‘stuck’. but now i have discovered renoise !!! omgwthsweeeet

santa was nice to me so here i am (big thanks grandma !!! haha how cool is that huh ?) anyway…

i hope i will meet some nice people on these boards and perhaps do a collab or two.

that about it for now, thx


Welcome to the club…
You may want to try to collo here and to prepare yourself a bit for BeatBattle:

alright pilot7.

yeah renoise is mint.

pm me if you want to do some collaboration!

Little late reply :) but welcome! ;)

What sort of music would the 7th pilot make?

mmm could be, now you put it like that…, yeah i might try something like that :)

why do i get the feeling you know me ?? hah :lol: spooky…

well i like many genre’s to listen so i get inspired in many ways and try to make it something fresh again.
lately i’m trying a blend of dnb,idm,breaks, rock and rap/vocals also i like to make mnml tech/house

but to answer the question: I LOVE MUSIC :w00t:

guess i’m still searching my own style… getting close though ;)

excuse me about that, hehehe

perhaps i meant avantgarde or… whatever ;)

btw, here’s one of my latest songs, it’s pre renoise and pre monitor speakers