New User Saying Hello :)

Hi all,

Bought renoise a few months back after seeing a few clips on youtube. I used to use trackers back in the day, TCB Tracker was the first one i used on the Atari ST then i got Octamed on the Amiga which was miles better. Of course, FT2 was my favorite and i used it for years. So here i am, 15 years later back to a Tracker from Reason, yes i use Reason and although it has some nice features, for the music i program(dnb), Renoise is the ultimate. Just finished a Renoise website for my Diploma, check it out very basic and only intended for noobs to Renoise but it got me a distinction!!


the new user thing definitely applies to me (unless you’re talking about crack), so i’ll be checkin’ that out. thx and hi.

Nice website, reads like a Renoise 101 :slight_smile:

Nice website, your screenshots say Renoise 1.0.9 (instead of 1.9.X?). and welcome to Renoise.

Thanks for the comments :) and spell checking. kaneel, i have seen a couple of your youtube vids, you are a sandwich short of a picnic, ill be sure to name a few of my up and coming tunes after you ;)

nice stuff man - you should check out the renoise loop project and maybe add a link in the sample packs section?

i don’t think he was really talking about crack at all. But even what you just posted goes towards achieving a higher member status in the forums.
as with this one :unsure:

i’ll do anything to increase my internet forum status. it’s my calling in life. i can feel it.