New Venetian Snares Ep

Hi, he released today a new ep. happy birthday Aaron!

It’s my birthday. Here are four nice trax from my collection. Been listening to these often, I like the way they make me feel.
released 11 January 2012
All tracks written, produced & performed by Aaron Funk. Published by Mute Song Ltd. Cover art by Edwin Rosero.

Happy birthday Snares.

and thanks for the pointer.

ah good to see this. speaking of slightly off-topic good to see ad noiseam still kickin, even though this is a bandcamp release.

Bought some vinyl from the Ad Noiseam shop yesterday. Looking forwards to the WHOURKR release soon.

I made a music video for the song Seqsy

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


Good kitty.

nice work Jbl!

nice video the end is pretty disturbing and fucked up (but goes well with the vsnares tracks :)

very nice video jbl… next time: more cats and more girls! :D
well done

Nice video, although some things are obviously stolen from the Rubber Johny video.

I think stolen is a pretty excessive word to describe what I did. Of course Chris Cunningham is a big inspiration of mine but if you’re referring to that glass/face thing. Cunningham uses it as a way to create an impact with the camera, the head gets smashed on it and I believe its the first time head smashing that was done that way, it’s awesome. Of course the editing gives a similar look to what I did, but I concentrate a lot more on the curves of the face and how they evolve when the face takes another position, I create the illusion of movement through morphing between different face position…

I’m inspired by Cunningham and I like his aesthetics but I don’t think using spastic editing and close up of faces should be considered as stealing someone’s work. I mean in music people actually reuse the exact same parts of audio taken from somebody else’s composition and sometimes it’s not even considered as being stolen… I didn’t even use his imagery.

Big +1 JBL, that was a huge BS comment from Void Pointer. :)

This video is absolutely amazing. It’s clear you are influenced bu Chris Cunningham but in no way did you “steal” from him. This is a beautiful piece of art, and suits the song perfectly.

Job well done.

Good point. In those words you made me get the mental imagery of having that “scene” played out with many different girls in that spot doing what she was doing, switching about and stuff. Oh yeah.

Haha that would have been fun!.. I wish I could have done that but it would have gone against my initial intentions… I’m playing with the ambiguity between the cat and the woman, they are the same person in a way, that’s what I was trying to say.

seqsy is a fantastic track - now amongst my favorites from him. i found the others to be a little blahzay, though.

new one on planet mu coming too:

This one sounds sick!!