New Video Tutorials?


Just wanted to hear if there are any new “official” Renoise video tutorials planned to be released? As of version 2.7 there are a lot of new features and I’d love to see some cool examples of how the features can be used and also maybe give a little bit of inspiration.

hell…i could use em too


These are pretty cool…


I am always looking for more tutorial videos. Its hard to come across any which are at a decent enough resolution to actually see what is going on though.

I haven’t been commissioned to do any more official tutorials, but I am doing a new series combining Renoise with After Effects. You can find that and all the other Renoise videos on my Youtube channel:

I might put some together tomorrow next week next month next year when pigs fly.


question for the video makers;

how do you record your voice/vocals next to Renoise’s output? Only using asio drivers in Renoise I can get an acceptable latency on the microphone input, the problem however is that if I use asio drivers in Renoise, I can’t get the capturing software (camtasia for example) to record any sound. As asio drivers are locked one program at a time.

Direct sound drivers give me to much latency, delay to work with properly.

I used to record it all together with Asio no problem, but it doesn’t seem to work now. I changed my workflow anyway, so now I record the narration separate and combine it in Camtasia, changing the video playback speed to match if necessary.

Well, that’s how i did it anyway and the latency is not too much noticable if you lower it and only play one instrument at a time.
Besides, people can’t see me hit the keys on the keyboard so they are never able to associate keypresses to any particular image.