New Vote-system?

Alright, so this has already been discussed, but I think we should really re-consider it.

The reason I came to think of this, is DDspeed’s new song on the Renoise Song Page. I listened to it and gave it an 80%, because I thought it deserved it. 5 minutes later, someone had given it a 10%, thus the score fell down to a 45%.

Anyone who listens to this can tell it deserves more than a 10%. Anyone who gives this that score either had a bad day, STRONGLY dislikes trance, or is just out to sabbotage the song-page.

just because you don’t like trance doesn’t give you the right to give it a bad score just for spite. Therefore, I think we should have a score-board similar to the one being used at CTGMusic. Here you can’t give a score without specifying WHY you’re giving it the score you have, in a text.

I’m not saying you’re not allowed to have your own taste in music. I’m just saying, if you vote for a song, you should give a reason for why you’re giving it that score.

This way there will be no “immature” votes.

PS: Who knows? Might even be the Skale-Trackers on mission to give us “jabanoisers” a bad rep?

Anyway, just a suggestion.

:yeah: RENOISE :yeah:

It didn’t happen to me for the first time, I noticed lots of such weird rates on the song page. I agree that the present system is bad. Especially becausye people kick their songs on the song page because they want to be heard, but nobody will download a song that has 45%. And that’s OK, but only if there is a reason of rating the song so low. Now anyone can rate the song with any number and one can do it without any proper reason. When I have bad day like Dufey mentioned I can just rate all the songs with 10%. Even nobody will be told why and nobody will know who did it…

I agree with you guys! Thumbs up for this.