new way of handling VST-Plugs

After (probably) leeching every free VST-Plugin which is out there my list has gotten very long and its a little problem finding the plugin I am looking for when I need it … so is there a way to use a new way of organizing the plugin-list ? I know from audiomulch that it used the directory structure in the plugin-path so you had folders and subfolders to organize the effects. Could this be possible with renoise too ? Like to have a disk-op-style pluginwindow were I can browse the folders of my plugin-folder.

I don’t think organizing by directory structure is a good idea, although I agree it would be nice to organize them in some way. Some installers put the dll’s in a new sub-dir, some don’t for example. And you can’t move all VST’s afterwards if you want to re-organize them, because of register paths etc.

i’m suggesting to make “folders” based on auto creating by plugin name, like in sound forge 6. for example take first word of internal plugin name and make a virtual folder.

Yes, give us folders in the plug meny plz…
Don’t care how it’s done, but im gettin sick’n’tired of scrolling through all plugs every time i wan’t to use one in the end of the list.
And plz hurry up with the PRESETS!!! for the plugs/vsti

if harddisk directory structure reading does not work well because of stupid plugin installers, then why not use txt file like buzz does with index.txt?

to save time, renoise could create the txt itself on order, then the user just has to open it in an editor and sort the names according to his/her taste.

plugins which aren’t written in the index (already) would simply get displayed in the root dir.

most of the plugins I have (as I said, freeware ones) just came as dll and can be put whereever I want them. If a plugin does need a fixed path there is almost always an option to define the path in the installer. Atleast that is my experience.

looza, you’re completely right. My point was that the solution would not be very flexible.

I like the idea of arranging the plugs into virtual folders, but there is not much space for these folders in the listbox as it it now. has anyone an idea how this could look in the gui ? maybe this could be combined with the new redesigned diskop view ?

we still have a lot to learn from FT2 :)

when redesigning DiskOp, you could add the modules, samples, patterns, tracks,instruments buttons exactly as FT2 has, but also add a VSTi button there, which opens the same list we have now, but organized as if would be a folder (with not subfolders).

By they way, I don’t feel this as a great pain, probably because I use each time the same 4 VSTi’s and I wonder why not everyone does


well, just like now , just with the foldernames, if I click on a folder I get the usual “…” to go the the higher dir and the names of the plugins in the folder … maybe put the dirnames in brackets so you see its a folder …
I don’t meant a folderstructure or anything, just a list … kinda like in norton/win/totalcommander.

we’ve already discussed about Renoise-OS 1.0 on IRC but it’s planned for a (far) future version… :lol:

Which ones?

And what about the menu (with directory structure) like Buzz ?

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