New Website I Registered And Will Begin Working On

Still working out domain forwarding issues…

url so far just for a peek is -

Not much there yet. Working on the structure and gathering info.

For those who do not know I am going to design a site that will showcase
information that directly has to do with the erosion of our personal

Anyways here is a logo I made just experimenting a bit and threw the
picture of the president (sic) with a collage of the fallen soldiers.

The site is not meant to knock him, but anyone trying to restrict us in
this free, or not so free, society

Obviously if and when I get the site rolling it will be text based and not
just showing one single picture.

Does the main font look too unprofessional at the top?

Any feedback would be helpful.

i was thinking if you fattened the letters an took away the shadow it would look a bit more to your liking. i kinda have the idea that if you use shadows you should also have something behind it so your text has something to sit in front of.
i like the idea of the site also, i personally believe dubya is a war criminal, that needs to be brought to justice.
he’s ruined the usa, all his fathers schemes are running this country into the ground. if i didnt have such an easy life being here atm, i would leave in a heartbeat. it sickens me thinking about all the tyranny that man has enforced.

You’re going to get loads of spam with that email address being public.

Excellent work. I wish you the best of luck in making that site grow and gain attention.

If you are American, then you are a true one! If you’re not, then congrats for speaking out anyway. This country seriously needs more people like you - people willing to do something other than merely talking about doing something.

Choice - I got rid of the shadow in favor of a much bolder font. Nice improvement. Thank you for the suggestion.

Sonus - I am in south Florida & thank you for the comments.

I just need to get some traffic flowing and I will be set.