NEW website released!

Hi trackers,

As you might already notice, new website is up and running. There are few minor glitches left like some links or unmatched forum colors but all of these will be fixed in upcoming days.

This truly great new look was this time created by Shaper / Celsius. It was kinda tought to change everything and we had a lot of doubts about many things, but final result is here and we truly hope you like it.

Next thing that will folow web development section are matching user pages in both, design and improved programming features.

Of course, while all of this is being done, this is only a part of what you should expect in near future with the main thing here - Renoise. New version of Renoise is coming, with many fixes and preparations for few major new features. But more on these later when the release date aproaches. Like always, we keep you informed about everything.

Renoise Team

Awesome design! New logo and all… nice.

I really think the page should be centered in the browser window… but that’s probably one of the glitches you mentioned. And one thing that really puzzles me… I thought you were going to change the …it still reads “fasttracker like”…

Lots to be expected ahead eh? Looks like it’s gonna be an exciting summer!


very nice new look, though i’d prefer if the forum didn’t load in a frame. ^_^

Ok, nice with new design but I have a few coments ;) I think the new design is a bit colourless (even the screenshots is just beige and gray). It makes it feels much more formal and less playfull than the old design. I also miss the old logo a bit, I think that one was very nice.
And as Gwilym I do not like the frame either…

Another tip: I think it can be advantageously to call the downloadable vesion for “free” or “lite” version instead of “demo” version. Then people better will take notice that they acctually get pretty much for free, and free is always a good way to tempt folks ;)

Cheers! :)
I guess we can kiss goodbye the “oldskool” design of the old page…
This sure looks more “professional”… and in the same time, it sure feels more cold and colorless…
I guess one have to make choices :)
Nice job anyway!


what’s with the old “Atom” logo? Is this going to change to this stylish “R” we see there?

Will this happen on the main program splash screen as well?

Yeah, I like this new design way better than the old candy-colored one :)
It looks much more professional, and I think the site will attract more people.

One thing I’d like though is to be redirected to the main-page ( when clicking on the Renoise logo, top right.

nice redesign ! looks much more professional now, very good. the one thing I need to nag about (like others) is that the forum is in a frame. sucks.

at the about pages, not one of the links works. none.

Good job.

A click on the Renoise-animation with the price tag should bring up the order form, but it results in a 404 because it links to order.html instead of order.htm :(

I think that had to be tested better, because it ruines the professional look if you get a 404 for requesting to buy that thing…

Quick response by the Renoise team: the order link is fixed :lol:


This is a top-notch design, and will raise the interest of newbies coming in looking for a music tool. Its clean, informativ and very pro!

Great work fellas!


@ phazze,

You can remove the plugin list. Doesn’t work for me
I think the website doesn’s exist anymore. ;)


to answer some of the comments:

  • the title is made to attract search engines as many people still look for fasttracker although more and more look for Renoise.
    it will change in few months probably because there are less and less requests we get for “fasttracker”

  • the forum is in frame because there is no other way to solve this unless we put a forum directly on as evention is
    doing the maintenance of forum on his own site a bit of compromise is there with the frame. at least if the forum is on another site
    and the dies the forum works and vice-versa…

  • the centered page would probably fit more but you’ll have to ask celsius about this as this is his designing solution. i personally would
    more prefer centered but don’t take this as very important issue. this could probably improve the frame forum as well as then it would be only 2 frames like on old site and screen
    width could be put into better use.

  • colourless or colourfull - there could be more colors that could mess with the design -screenshots included. i tried a tons of combi
    nations to put more colorfull screenshots but they look a bit too distinct from the rest of site then. so the beige/pastel blue color combo is
    probably the best for now.

  • the renoise download is now free again :)

  • the logo could be discussed as well for a long time… but in the end there would be always someone that wouldn’t like it… but you can
    feel free to comment it if you want anyway and compare to old one…

  • the rest of non-working links will be fixed within day or two - we know about most errors, so no need to point them out by name ;)

Compliments it looks pretty polished. Logo on the top left is a bit weird. The first thing I thought was “B? What does the B stand for?” ;)

hehe, I saw it as a B too, i am sure it stands for Ballalajka or something :D
It animates on all pages too, i find it a little distracting, BUT THATS ME having a trip…

Anyway, it’s really really nice and prof looking, good job ppl!

So… how long until we get renoise in a box?
Renoise 2.0 boxed with a printed manual? =)

Anyway, the site grows on you but I think the first screenshot you had on the about page was better (The one with what I believe was Default Theme)… or atleast apply shadow to this image aswell. It was a bit more eye catching…

Ok, I’ll keep my mouth shut now…

incidentally, i think that the renoise screenshots were more ‘flattering’ when they were in that icy-white-blue colour scheme. seems a bit ugly (well, uglier) when it’s trying to match the site’s scheme…

dunno if anyone else even noticed this

oh, sorry phonkey. hehehe.

New design rocks! I agree about the forum opening in a frame though, new window would be better. Great work anyway!

if you dont like to have the forum in a frame, simply use to access the forum directly.