New Wii Game

Link courtesy of BeatSlaughter in #renoise

Yes, it’s really amazing to see this.
although the game is not for me, most of the games aren’t lately.
on the Wii that is, My PS3 serves me well now.

for the Wii, I’m really waiting for the Conduit.
Really shows some maxed out graphics.


Hey… This sh*t broke down my YouTube!

Hahaha, nice one!

Hahah, wow, didn’t even notice it until it was total mayhem, exellent! :D

haha, first I was like !OMG! but it was a laugh after all.
nice add, but I am not impressed by that game.
It costs about 50 € and its still 2D, thats a no go for me in the year of 2008 ;D

don’t be shallow rendemon

2d is the way of the future.

I’d say 2d games may have problems being deep.

Harr. Get it?


I don’t see an issue with 2d games at all. Graphics accelerators are getting to the point where they can do amazing things in a 2d environment that just don’t seem as stunning in 3d. We all loved the platformers of the SMB era… just imagine what can be done with them now that object oriented languages are standard… with FAST rigid body physics engines… and with NO graphics bottlenecks.

I’d say 2d gaming is just getting off the ground ;)

I agree…! WORMS anyone?
and I want topview rpgs back!

Still addicted to that one. :D

Please, nooo! Which reminds me i still have to play through Witcher Enhanced Edition. :P

Hahaha! Well… imho the world has yet to match games like Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3.

The last game i played of that sort was The Legend Of Zelda on the SNES, which is over 15 years ago now. I did own Seiken Densetsu 2, which was called The Secret Of Mana here, but never touched or played it.

worms 2, roperz

DUDE!!! Secret of Mana is the SICKEST rpg EVVAH! GOAN TOUCH IT!

Fighting your way through a colourful 2D fairy tale, flying on a dragon, throwing fireballs and lightning bolts
and whatnot, eight different weapons, crazy items like the moogle belt and the midget mallet… man man…

Start playing right NOW and if you regret it, you can blame me ;)

I lovess me some 2d games, especially 2d platformers. I’d be happy if there weren’t even any 3d games at all.

No, I wouldn’t…

But I still loves me some 2d :)

wow that’s nice.

wow that’s nice.