New Wip

I’ve started work on a new track, something a little harder than my usual trance/D&B style: (5MB, 192kbps, working title)

It’s a very early version with hardly any variation in the beat etc but I think it’s pretty good so far, I also found a use for the Slayer VST at last! :rolleyes: :lol:

Hmm yeah, I need to lower the compression a bit on the drum track, it’s bringing the reverb up too much.

The snare sounds good to me. I agree about adding a bass line.

But what I feel is missing the most here is more energy to the beat. If you want a typical DnB sound try adding a couple of long deep bass drums, sliding down in pitch. What I’ve also found is that ride cymbals really gives depth to a DnB beat. Just make sure to play them somewhat chaotic, i.e. not on each 8:th line or so…

Hmm, I usually do the ride cymbal thing, see Part 15 of Longtrack for example.
This time I thought I’d try a couple of different things.

I could add more bass, maybe something leading up to the 2min mark which is the typical groove moment. :P