New Zip Album

Hope you like it :)


thanks for listening patto!

downloading: gonna have some contructive shit by next day. i got big expectations. Be prepared to be Slaughterd! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hahaha looking forward to it :)

hey dude. i like the album. i would call myself a fan of your work.

and by the way, i’m not ignoring that message you sent me, i will respond to it soon when i get a chance to write something decent.


oh cool man, yeah take your timmmme :)

I WISH YOU KNEW: Starting out with a nice melody pad section and goes
over in piano scales that finally gets overcoated with some wonderful vocals
the whole thing gives me retro flashbacks to groups like Dune and Air.
I absolutly love this Mellow feeling.

CAN’T BELIVE IT: A cartonish melody starts it off with idm’ish drums
short decays and muffled reverbs gives a very spaced sound. also the
vocals builds on the atmosphere and brings it to new hights. Cindy Lauper
meets Joanna Newsom. after the track has finnished i get a feeling of had
listend to a track by HPC, and this is not a bad thing at all! :)

ME AND MY MOOD (NEW): Interesting string chord progressions goes
over in a twisted pop melody that gives a very close feeling. very spread
instruments, and the instrumentation overall is based on strings. what i can
compare it to: soundwise: Bobby Conn. Vocals: Radiohead

A FRIEND IN LUV (NEW): keeps me in that B.Conn mood and gives
it a a push in tempo and pressure by a very nice pumping bassline.
a more 90’s electro soundimage but totaly clean and wonderschøn.
All in all it is a very sugary listening experience.

KOTMAHH: Legato fm, stumbeling 4/4 idm rocking. happy wondering
melodylines. very dry effected vocals that gives it a different feel from the
rest of the tracks. good break around 2 minutes into the track that pushes
the vibe of the melody further into frenzy. Freiheit for all. A very
positive track.

CRAYONS: The title reminds me of something Heribie Hancock once said.
“the fm synths are great tools for colorization, and gives the keyboardist a
great pallette to work with” nice filter action in here. breakish beats that
moves(shuffle) the tempo back and forth. the selection of sounds gives
me a total christmas feeling :) let me color you.

MACHINES: Hard electro rocker, NIN meets Poor rich ones.
love the scales and bridges. Nirvana in there to?
im so happy cause today i found my friend.
very free and out in the air with the notes on this one and
it gives it the right vibe i feel. but not quite my favorite track.

PARTY HEART: Hardcore rocker, nice slushy beats connected
with a thumpy bass gives it the tempo it needs.
Mindless selfindulgance meets Foo fighters :)

GAME OVER: more christmas vibes that keeps the instrumentation
from the tracks in front of it. goes a bit more twisted with the melody
but this is not a bad thing at all. stops quite fast and keeps me hanging
on for mabe some more of what it started out with, the album that is.

All in all i would say that i would rate it just above average 4/6
though i hate christmas tunes, but love the other elements this
.zip album gives to the listener.

hope i wasn’t to hard on you ;)

haha no not at all man, perfect. nice to get so in depth with someone with such eclectic taste. You definitely got me on Nirvana, NIN, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, and Air. Thanks man, that was a fun read :)