Newbie Here! A Few Questions

first of all renoize is super cool! I’m using it to make hardcorebreaks (new oldskool? early 90s rave? you get the picture)


  1. is there a way (like in MED) you get trigger off samples at any point in time using the commands on the right? this was very usefull for cutting/splicing breakbeats without loading in more samples.

  2. when you hit the computer-keyboard to play your samples, i notice when you take your finger off the key the sound will stop… can you config this into a ‘one-shot’ mode? so you hit jab the key then all of the sample plays (until you hit ‘panic’/stop all sound)…

  3. I like my sub bass, is it possible to loop a sinewave in the sampleeditor? (how would I get a sinewave?) or could I get away with using an 808 bassdrum and using lots of delay? I’m stuck on sub bass. shouldn’t be tricky right?



Ehhm… are you unsatisfied with not getting an answer in 14 minutes? :huh:

  1. Yes, with the 9xx command you can trigger samples at a given position, where xx means 00=start of sample, FF=end of sample, 80=mid and so on… A good function is that you can click anywhere on the waveform in the sample editor and get the 9xx value for that position.

  2. I would recommend getting used to it. I did and now I see it as a good feature. The only way I can think of that shuts this off is by setting the instrument settings / NNA to continue, but that also applies to notes in the pattern, not only when playing around.

  3. Have you even looked at the sample editor? There is a loop drop down box there, set it to forward and drag the start and end cursors to your liking. Download a sinewave or cut up a bassdrum as you said…

yeah sorry for not being patient! it’s all coming to my face and i’d wanted to get these little things off my chest as quickly as possible because i love making music/noise

yeah thanks for the reply, all is good now.