Newbie Midi Questions

Not been on here for a long time now. Big changes in the forum I see. Looking good :)

Anyway I recenltly bought a M-Audio Ozonic and wired it up for the first time earlier. One of the main things I want it for is just controlling a few effects while playing live from renoise. Most things have been self-evident but there are a few things I couldn’t work out from looking through the tutorials and a bit of searching on here.

  1. It’s mainly effects, rather than instruments, I will be wanting to control. Now this is fine for effects that show sliders in the DSP window but how can I assign a knob or fader to a parameter of an effect that does not have sliders in the DSP view?

  2. Wanted to use the button underneath the faders for controlling Instajungle on/off button 1-4 but can not get Renoise to regognise them. From what I can see they are CC148 (seems weird they were all showing as the same cc number) which lies beyond renoise’s range of 0-127. Any idea how I can use these buttons? Just printed off the user manual at work (doesn’t come with a hard copy of the user manual) so maybe I can change the cc value of the button.

  3. When searching for some answers in the forum I saw images from dBlue with it controlling glitch with the sliders in teh DSP view. The version I have doesn’t display any faders here. Is that just because I’m still running quite an old version now?

Thanks for all your help guys. Was hoping that by now there would be some concrete news on the pending release of the new version which was originally promised before christmans last year :panic:

Cheers Bantai. There was an entry (think by vvois) in the tutorial that seemed to have most the stuff on it but all the images had gone so it was hard to see anything. Found it on another page now though, the little down arrow :)

Found the bit about editing cc values of controllers on the keyboard in the manual so I will update you with getting buttons to work.