Newbie : Power/metal/electric Guitar


i’m newbie… i’m playing with Renoise…
in need a electric/power/hardrock/metal guitars xrni for Renoise…
i use Linux

i search in but the guitars there are too soft…

there are some packs/xrni for Renoise?



Don’t have any pre recorded .xrni for ya, or know a source, maybe googling ‘multi-instrument electric guitar’ or something can give you good packs, and then create your own?

You can get good electric guitar like sounds running plucked string like, decaying sounds, piano’s for example through a good distortion chain with feedback turned up. Probably need to do some pattern command magic to twist and turn the sounds as if you’re playing a real guitar, but you can get pretty good results experimenting.

Which distortion effects have you tried on the accoustic guitars so far?
Also if you pick the weeper:Turn of the LFO in the volume and pitch envelope section of the instrument, this should get rid of the soft characteristics of the guitar.
You can do a lot of trickery on accoustic guitars in Renoise using the native distortion DSP.

thanks to all,

i found a solution with a DSP effects on the acoustic guitar…
DSP Distortion + LADSPA Pointer Cast Distortion


In the free Puremagnetik pack that is in the Renoise backtage there’s an instrument called “Stratocaster”, which in conjuction with the DSP distortion and the Cabinet Simulator does a really nice job.