Newbie Question

hey all, i’m new to renoise. loving it. i previously used Cakewalk Sonar, which i still intend to use. i’d like to use rewire to use renoise in Sonar, but its not showing up. i’m told that renoise/rewire don’t work in 64 bit programs like the Sonar i am running? has anyone had any experience with this? thanks.

Well, I guess what you need is a 64-bit version of renoise. There is actually a 64-bit version of the current Renoise version (2.6) that you can see on the backstage and also get a demo for, but nothing for Windows or Mac yet :(. If you don’t want to convert your life into Linux, just complain to Taktik ;)

thanks. i can wait, no rush. i thought it might be a rewire issue, in that rewire didn’t work in 64 bit hosts.