Newer Renoise File With Older Renoise

Is it possible to open a renoise song saved with a newer version, with an older version?

My computer crashed with 1.281 , so i installed 1.27 and my songs dont open.

No this isn`t possible as the rns format gets upgraded with each version. Do you have a clue what went wrong when 1.281 crashed (i.e. what vsts you were using when this happened or what command you did?). Also is it replicable or does it seem random?

It is worth posting in the bug reports section with as much info as possible where the developers are more likely to see this. Also it is a good idea to include your machine specs inc. soundcard + operating system and hopefully you should be able to get 1.281 sorted.
(or at least the prob may be fixed by next release if it is a renoise bug)