Newer Renoise Versions Are Much More Stable...

Even though we whine a bit that Renoise crashes now and then it is much more stabler than the old versions! And now I’ve got the proof :) I installed Renoise 1.2 to convert my old Ntk songs… probably 20-25 of them and while converting them Renoise 1.2 crashed 5 times in 20 minutes!! (on different songs)… Just wanted to say we can be pretty happy Renoise has grewn more stable since then! And will hopefully even be better in the future :D

I also bought a new CPU cooler with two fans and a cabinet fan today and even though I haven’t hard testet it yet the computer seems to run more stable. So far the computer hasn’t freezed on me, like it normally does a few times a day when using Renoise (probably because Renoise sucks up my CPU power and heats it up more than when doing other things). So if you have these kinds of problems more cooling might be the solution…

A software that crashes 5 times a day is really nothing I would release.
Remeber that its not always renoise that is the problem. Especially if you get a crash where no backup is saved (the coputer just restarts or freezes or you get a blue screen) is usually a sign that you have a more “deep” problem with drivers or your OS or hardware.

I know I have a hardware problem that probably has to do with my soundcard and motherboard combination. This will hopefully be resolved when I upgrade soon so I just ignore the real problem right now… :)

As for the crashes maybe the Ntk importer was a bit buggy because they were real crashes. I know because I counted the crash songs when I was finished :) I can’t remember when I got a crash of that kind with the newer Renoise versions. So my point beeing you have done a great job with stability in the new version!! :)