Seems that some Hotmail users had problems with receiving it (seems so but may not be the case with you).

If you also didn’t receive it, please let me know (phazze @ It is sent and you should have it by now.

ah, found the problem… stupid microsoft!

it assumes that mail is “junk” just because it doesn’t recognize mailing program. when you put Microsoft Outlook Express it works perfectly. stupid, stupid and stupid!

Anyway, all people with address @ hotmail, please check if you received newsletter and if you haven’t please contact me.

Now don’t be greedy Blaster.
Phazze only sent out a fixed number of newsletters. If you got three then this means that there are two very sad people out there in the cold, crying beacause they didn’t get theirs. :(

And then you have the nerve to laugh in their faces! :angry:

Shame on you!

heh :)