Nextrowwithnote And Previousrowwithnote

If NextRowWithNote and PreviousRowWithNote aren’t supposed to play the note like the enter key but move up or down in the pattern, what are these options supposed to do? So far it just looks like it does the same thing as up plain arrow and down arrow.

Looks like I’m using arrows? I never sent a video link, and I didn’t say I was using up and down arrow to try to do NextRowWithNote and PreviousRowWithNote. I just must not have worded it right…

Okay. Let me re-word: What is LShift+LControl+PgUp/PgDown supposed to do (NextRowWithNote and PreviousRowWithNote)?

I assumed that the description “with note” meant that it would play the notes currently in the row, but it instead does the same thing as up-arrow and down-arrow (NextRow and PreviousRow).

Okay. That makes sense. Thank you. :)

And no, I wasn’t angry, I just wanted to make sure I was understood. At the time I typed it, because I didn’t know what the option did, I really did not understand where you go the idea that I was just using arrows.

In general I have a problem with giving more information than what is required about something, and sometimes my going on and on can be interpreted as a guilt trip, and I wish I knew how to word things in not such an inflammatory way, but I’ve just never gotten the skills in that area. I’m obsessive-compulsive, ADHD, manic depressed, panic disorder.

Is there a way to assign more than one key to an single option? :)