Nexus2/Renoise 2.5.1 - Scopes/Mixer Display Problem?


Just was screwing around with Nexus2 and Renoise v2.5.1, and have found a display anomaly/bug?

I have 2 instances of Nexus2, one loaded with a bass sound, the other loaded with a drum sound. The synth sounds exists on track 1 and 2, using the first instance of Nexus2. Tracks 3 through 8 are the using the 2nd instance of Nexus2 and are doing various drum duties.

Anyway what’s strange is that tracks 3, 4, and 5 do not show any visual activity in Track Scopes, or Mixer. If I solo these tracks I hear them, and if I mute these tracks I hear them go away. Something strange is up :)

Additionally if I mute a few of the other tracks, 3, 4, and 5 start showing activity! WTF?

Is this a multicore issue with Nexus2? or did I find a RNS bug? :)

Some screenshots are attached showing the phenomenon.

The first screenshot shows the pattern editor and the notes on it:

The second shows the mixer with tracks 3-5 not showing activity:

The third shows tracks 3-5 active when i mute tracks 6,7,8:

WTF? :)

Well I rendered/froze both instances and the scopes/meters are all responding visually as they should, so I guess this is a Nexus2 issue?

The output of ANY single-out VST gets automatically assigned to the last track doing a key stroke. Simply because of the fact it’s not a multi-out plugin. A device without multiple outs can’t produce output on multiple outs. :)



Your theme looks sunburnt.

I used to have a page that explained this visually… But Taktik removed it from the documentation…
But frankly it comes down to this requirement to support multiple outputs as Bit_Arts arealdy highlighted.

Ah multi outs ok. Thanks.