NI Kontakt

4 all NI Kontakt users … v1.2 runs better with Renoise than ever!!!

  1. i’ve tested Halion, but it confusing me … and simply it can’t loading giga-sounds directly … so, i don’t use it!


  1. no bugs - after 10h work

  2. kontakt opens giga-sound directly (no converting) - only if u use directfromdisk … konkakt will convert the giga-sound

  3. quick-monitoring - yes … but only wav’s i think

  4. directfromdisk works - i think … i have only the standart kontakt sound-lib and i will not convert all my giga-sounds :)

  5. effect-storing: not so much tested yet … but volume settings are stored … i think the other settings too … i will test it next time …

kontakt-(plugin-)modules??? are modules available??? where? :)

cheers, Alex

I didn’t know that Kontakt can load Halion programs…

must check it out!

if it consumes less CPU than Halion (don’t think so, considering how much Absynth and Reaktor consume) my life changes :D


but i must tell about a bug … but maybe - it’s on the Renoise side?!:

the UI of Kontakt (v1.2) reacts like frozen (not kontakt only his UI) … don’t know why … will test some settings …

anybody who can test Kontakt 1.2 too? any developer?

Kontakt is great … and the cpu-load is not comparable with the NI softsynths (its no synth!!!) … it’s like gigastudio - i think … u can play >16channels full of sounds problemless with an 1ghz cpu

it: Absynth needs much cpu-load, yes - but the sounds are unrivaled - great!!! :)

i’m using win2000 … never tested the 1.0 demo … 1.1 run’s ok … 1.2 better