Ni Kore


anyone tried native instruments kore in renoise… does it work well? contemplating buying myself one :)


You know… I’ll just have to try that!

I have both!

Kore for me has been a good enabler. I use it as a basis of live performance. The quality and speed (latency) of the unit is nice, and the realtime tweakability is downright functional.

It also handles third party plugins quite well, though the lack of pre-done Koresounds can be annoying.

I’ll fire it up in Renoise tomorrowish and tell you how it works out!

hey klaus.
kore works perfectly well here.
and the hardware controller is awesome!
luv it :)

Keith’s right. Works just fine. Kore 1.1 tempo-syncs and such just fine.

Sorry it took me so long to reply!

thank you klaus. and cfx.

… and klaus, have a kick ass christmas! i want a new electro/weird kinda k303 tune under my tree this year. thank you in advance :)


you should know that due to Renoise’s current setup you can not record any automation using the kore controller. all automation has to be done using the sliders IN renoise. long story short…renoise sends messages TO plugins, but to use the kore controller the controller would have to send a message TO the plugin, and the plugin would send the message TO renoise. kinda gay, but right now this all works fine, you simply can not RECORD the movement.

i’m not sure if that makes sense, but trust me, i have spent a lot of time investigating this, and currently, everything works with kore as a PLUGIN, but as a controller in renoise it is pretty much useless when it comes to recording your performance.

if you want to read more about this, i blabbed a lot about it a while back:…880&hl=kore

hopefully this will be changed.