Ni Released Kontakt 2(.01)

As a registered Kontakt 1.2 user, I was eleigible for a 149€ special pre-order upgrade price, so I didn’t resist :rolleyes:

Today I’ve received the pack: an update CD, and two 8.7GB samples DVD, comprised of a Vienna Symphonic Library special (i.e.: reduced :P) version.

As far as I’ve listened until now, the samples are great (I’ve already deleted the “loops” and “synths” stuff without listening at them).

The first thing I’ve made has been… well… downloading the 2.01 bugfix+new_features upgrade b[/b], which has been released today :) (…and you blamed ReNoise for the 1.20… 1.281 updates <_< :))

I’ll be more precise when I will discover more about this new version of this great sampler. Expecially, I will say more about the “holes” into rendering which Kontakt1.x suffered apparently under ReNoise only.

b highly recommended!! Great features among which there are: GIGA 3 support and ISO/NRG image reading![/b]

You’re such a Kontakt patriot, It-Alien :D

BTW: it’s my no#1 sampler also thumbs up
I usin’ it for a long time and still wondering of unlimited useful features!

Never tried Kontakt, but i just bought shortcircuit :)

Vermber Audio

Can anybody tell me if kontakt 2 pitch shifting/time streching is any better than in kontakt 1.x?? With 1.x it kinda distorted the sample way too much… :(

can’t say about the stretcher works fine, because I’ve never used it.

first impressions:
the GUI looks fancier. I prefer the old 1.x because it had more info and less images, but the overall feeling of the GUI is better. The value for money of the update version is very high, expecially thanks to the 2 samples DVD.

great new features:

  • the instruments database, which allows searches for specific kinds of sounds
  • better voice grouping
  • the “purge” option, which allows you to remove all unused samples from a song
  • exs24 import works :)
  • new search for moved samples

the program seems to be a little lighter, but nothing extarordinary

rendering problems:
none so far: I’ve switched from Kontakt 1.5 to 2.01 on a song which I’m making. There were problems with 1.5 (“holes” in the rendered tracks), but I’ve found nothing like this until now.

but if this is not a big trouble for you then can you please load up some vocal sample and shift its pitch a couple of semitones or so… does it sound smooth after that?

sorry trackit, I’ve mislooked your reply.

I tried the “Time machine II”.

Actually, I can’t compare it to any other pitch shifter, since I never used them, but I can compare it to Kontakt I.

What I’ve made is basically this:
loaded a vocal sample, switched the engine to “Time machine II”, played the sample at C-4 and then at E-4.

I really think that they sound quite the same: K2 saves a bit of brightness, but the results are quite boor in both cases.

By the way, I did some more tests about the “hole” issue, by stressing Kontakt a bit more (loading FireFox and swithing to other applications while rendering, without minimizing ReNoise’s window).
The problem is still present, but appears to be much more difficult to reproduce.

ok, thanks It-Alien!!