Nice Way To Stereo Enhance Without Messing Much With Frequencies

Just get a stereo delay, mute the source, turn down the feedback. then set left to 0 ms and right to lets say… 10ms (fiddle around!). that will expand your sound rather nicely! i wouldnt use it on most drums and bass track but its nice on chord things or some vocal! :D

it`s also cool on the midrange bass sounds, i do this very often. and a lot of other do this too, especially on drum&bass (neurofunk) tracks! :D

this is what is known as the haas effect.

Playing with 0901 or 0902 values usually did this in the past as well… it messes up if your samples are a bit too large in size though…

sweet ill try that one out! :D

nice tips :)

That one is usually called “Chan Delay” on guitar processors. Very commonly used effect with guitars.

or you could just do this:

2 tracks, same sample/instrument, triggered at the same time.

1 hard pan L
2 hard pan R

then use D1 or whatever value and you’ll get the same effect.

it works out really really nicely on a shamisen i recorded, just the same as nudging a track in a DAW.

Haas spreading :wub: