Nice Work So Far - Next Best Thing To Rewire.


Something I have been wanting from Renoise is the ability to link with another host via midi, rewire, or vst. The lastest registered version I have works as a slave with Sonar. Unfortunely, it does have a few problems.

  1. when moving in Sonar to different parts of the timeline, renoise doesnt get the positions right. Would be fantastic if it would lock to the position for Sonar as you move to various timeline locations.

  2. While it locks to tempo, it jumps to various speeds and seems to be having a hard time re syncing.

My question is, this still under development? I would be very pleased to be able to use Renoise with Sonar and or any other host. While I cannot use trackers exclusively for my music work, this feature would be priceless to incorperate Renoise into my studio.

Rewire in Renoise would be THE BEST THING ever.

I’m sure we’ll have that some day.

So in the meanwhile I’ll keep rendering renoise sounds as wave and inporting them to cubase. <_<

I know the devs have said there are no plans for rewire and renoise (yet). Even though discouraging, the midi sync seems to be getting better and a sollution for now.

Can anyone from the team say anything about the midi sync development? This something still in process of getting all the qurks out? Thanks.

No, this was true for Buzz plugins support, not ReWire.

As ReWire is requested by a lot of people, this might be worth a 1.6 release. Renoise as a ReWire Master would even be easy to implement. ReWire slave is a completly different topic and would be a lot of work.

But hey, lets finish this release first before thinking of the next ones.

But hey, lets finish this release first before thinking of the next ones.

I totally agree on that point , let’s make the 1.5 rock stable, before heading up to new features.

If the rewire slave is a lot harder to implement, what about a vsti Renoise ? like skale and revisit. Those two tracker are not as elaborated as Renoise, but the ability to use them in cubase or sonar is quite useful.
renoise is the best pc tracker for now (this is why I registered), and when you hang around in some music forums, people are waiting for the great Vsti tracker, the one that will make the bridge between two world (ok, i’ll take my blue pill…)

please do a Renoise TI (totally integrated ;) )

So back to the orginal topic please… It got highjacked with the rewire comments.

Can someone on the dev team please tell us if there will be more development with the mini sync and renoise acting as a slave? It kinda works, but needs allot of bug fixes at the moment. Thanks for the info.


Not even close.

Midi yoke, direct midi, etc still will effect according to how Renoise processes the midi timecode and syncs. This isnt a connection issue nor a in ability to get the two sequencing synced. The problem here is Renoise doesnt work properly while syncing. It does not hold BPMs with a sync lock nor keep with the timeline of the host.

My orginal question and still remaining question is, will renoise improve on this matter and is it something that will be fixed ? To be frank, this is a use Renoise or not use feature for me since Rewire and or RenoiseVSTi is non exsistant. I write music professionally so I need to imcorperate renoise into my studio - not use renoise exclusively and lose my ability to use anything else I write with for my clients.

Yes, of course this will be fixed if somehow possible.

I found and fixed a bug that could have cause the timing problems that you`ve described. Please test this issue in the next update and report if it works for you.

Hi Taktik-

Here is a update for using Renoise (Dec 23 build) as a slave.

  1. Sync works! Keeps tempo and timing is constant with master (Sonar 4)
  2. Restarting at the begining of the song will also reset renoise to play the beginning of its song


  1. Midi continue / position does not function in renoise. No matter what position I move to in Sonar 4 (master) it does not reset to the correct position within renoise. Renoise only turns on and off play (unless I jump to the beginning of the song. that works)

Hope this helps. Getting close to this working perfectly.

instead of rewire, try this, a hardware solution ala robert:

just hook plain straight midi-cable from your soundcard midi OUT TO your soundcard midi IN…simple, 1 2 3 OUT TO INTO great languages ov MIDI. and hey, it works!!!

so now would be nice to hear first time from DEV group that would there ever be sample recording possibility in renoise??? have ask this 4123 times before and never ever heard any single word about it…and i think i´m not only one missing it…and soooooo much…

PEACE, robert

Where not even talking about rewire Robert.

Hardware midi sync is still buggy - thus is the reason why you see my posts above :)

oh, sorry…i though you did, i´m just too lazy to read those replies before i make my own :D

and yep, you´re right, hardware midi sync is totally f****ed up with renoise. its okay if youre just mockin around with your midi keyboard but totally useless for running hardware synthz.

peace, robert

ps. lots ov luck & light for 2oo5