Nin In Europe

Has anyone caught Nine Inch Nails over in Europe? If so, was is good?

I’m biding my time until they come over here in August…

btw, any Renoisers out there got With Teeth? What do you think?

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a seeeeeeccccccccconnnnnnnnnd, hehehh i thought you couldnt understand a word of english? :blink:

I like the battle between nin and dth…_lieben_NIN.php

What? :huh:

btw, escii, can you translate roughly what dth are saying there? I thought the whole thing was rather funny when I saw it on - but then again I’m more likely to side with those guys!

Dear Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails

If you and your crew didnt went home (pussylike) at the fist drop of rain at greenfield and wouldnt have (american style like) wihtdrawn in your chamber you probably would have noticed that our crew didn`t damadge you guitar collection, in opposite to the security men who had to pull down the backdrop of the stage because the wind was turning into a storm.

Beacuas you reacted in that panicly way and forgot the half of your equipment which has been positioned at the back the stage just as the back drops went down.

But you colleagues fogot to mention, that this wasnt so worse and you mustnt cry any more because it was only your guitar stuff which only has been brought there by you to destroy it on the stage.

Nevertheless don’t worry be happy. Merry Xmas your dth

(This translation is a bit poor - but I didn`t want to invest more time.)

Ok cool, thanks escii ! :D

Ahh, Rock Wars… :yeah:


I saw NIN in Nijmegen, Holland. for the people who are interested here’s one of my pics

Wow, I forget how many digi-cameras are at gigs these days… You can’t concerntrait on beating the f**** out of each other when you’ve got a thing in your hand… ahh but nice photo! That set looks pretty minimal… I miss their projector-curtain circa 1994-95. Mind you, they’ve been playing a lot of festival gigs and it’s hard to have elaborate stage design at such venues.

choice, man… don’t worry about it :rolleyes: