Nin Release Track Source Files From Single

Wasn’t sure if it would happen this time around, since it didn’t for the final single of With Teeth, but here’s the source tracks of Survivalism available for remixing. What’s more, he claims to be eventually releasing every single track from the album this way.

The above link is for Garageband on the Mac, though I believe you can extract the audio files from it. Here’s a link to the audio files themselves that someone kindly made, though you will need a Demonoid account to grab the torrent (if another non-account download appears, I’ll post that too):

EDIT - Here’s a non-subscription download, it’s a .rar file, so it’s smaller too:

Yeah this whole Year Zero ARG and the new media concepts with album have been totally exciting. They’re breathing new life and meaning into a worn out medium - the album. Now it’s a full multimedia concept that puts across a bigger idea - the music is secondary, no longer precious. I think that’s healthy. It embraces community. It’s still commercially sane.

Well Achenar, if you do a mix sling it up, cause your other ones were good.

Thanks for the links…always wanted to have a try at destroying mr. reznor…although my most wanted is ‘starf*ckers’.

Will do, but this is a strange one. I hated ‘The Hand That Feeds’ and ‘Only’, but still managed to sculpt something out of them that I liked, yet was still true to the original. I think I like Survivalism even less as an original song, but the remix is turning out as, I think, my best. Like ‘Only’, there’s bugger all decent percussion to work with, but unlike that I’m not dragging it all out.

It’s actually forcing me to make strange concessions with the structure, whereas normally it’d be (relatively) clear-cut. But if you like the ARG stuff and the atmosphere it brings, as opposed to the (imo) abject cheesiness of Survivalism, you’ll like what’s going on here. Even the silly vocal harmonies now take on a very sinister edge in the context they’ve been placed. I’m nearly finished, too; this’ll be the fastest I’ve done a remix.

Dunno if anyone’s interested, but 3 more songs have had their multitrack files released. I’d recommend the Garageband/Logic ones, despite what it says. There’s more files, they’re better seperated for audio work and it’s a smaller download:

The start of my survivalism remix is in my sig :P

… I’m gonna tackle My Violent Heart next :D (love the noise in that one)