Nin - The Slip

I’m on track 6, does it get… good? :unsure:

Hmm… It’s entitled “The Slip” … does that mean that Trent f****ed up and got back into coke… or does that mean he’s finally admitting he likes to wear women’s lingerie? xD

there’s nothing wrong w/ sniffing coke while you’re dressed like a girl. even prince will tell you that.

Trent has been busy :blink: Thanks for the heads up. I think it’s interesting completely scrapped the pay system this time. Did he make enough money off In Ghosts to simply not care?

he makes so much $ from live shows that it doesn’t even matter. that’s the business model of the future.

“Thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one’s on me.” - T. Rez

There’ll still be CDs and vinyl to buy as usual. Hard to say from this wether there will be free downloads for all subsequent releases. This is a business model of the future and one that clearly works well for NIN, but not everyone has an entrenched fan base like that. Plus, the recent survey on Tunecore showed that the majority of artists using it to put their music on the major digital download sites do not tour.

Tried the first Ghost album they’ve released and now this one. Seems not something i do like much, but they get some bonus points from me for trying new ways to distribute their music.

I like yours much more. ;)

no one said anything about anyone no longer charging for music. but you’re more than welcome to make inferences 'til the cows come home. or sheep, being that you’re in scotland. but there is, of course, an increasing reliance on live shows. especially in electronic music. an excellent selling release (w/ the exception of few artists, nin being one of them) would be lucky to sell 5k copies. it’s a lot easier to do a couple shows than it is to make an equivalent amount of $ releasing a record or getting a legion of ppl to download your tracks. none of it matters to me, anyway. easier to get paid elsewhere.

chump change.

You’re right, no-one did, nor did I say that anyone did, so the inference here is entirely on your side. I merely used what you said as a springboard to expand the discussion, this being an interesting topic to me. Also, you should probably never use ad hominem attack like that again.

I thought the Tunecore information would be interesting and pertinent here, given that NIN use it to release material through iTunes and Amazon.

*buys you a drink

…listening to the last part of the album, seems a lot more to my taste. Not sure about the “yeah, yeah, yeahs” though.