[no Bug! Nog Bug! But] F*ckin' Metronome :)

It would be great - even if it can seem minor - to be able to use whatever we want as a metronome sound. ANd especially if it could not be affected by the reverb I put on the master track, because my ears reaaallyyyy hurts when I accidentaly hit the metronome button and it starts doing not “tic tic tic” but “TTIIIKKKKkkkkkhhh… TTTTIIIIKKKKHHHhhhhh…” in very high frequencies :)

Ouch ouch;)

I know this seems like a minor feature but I do use the metronome from times to times to record myself on the piano and I do need it, but presently it’s just unusable 50% of the time (at least :). Plus I find the present sound very agressive.

Sorry about complaining :)

Feel free to move this thread wherever you think it belong best.


You could always use some other sample for the metronome…

( /program files/Renoise/Skin/Metronom.wav )