No clipping, but the sound "cracks"


I’m still having troubles with the master volume…

This is the problem: my song doesn’t clip (according to the volume meters… I’m using the compressor/limiter on the master track), but if I pump up the volume of my speakers to the highest level, I hear the sound cracking ( a sort of distortion…). Why??--------------------------------

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Go get better speakers - I`d suggest.

I dont know any kind of low budget speaker which dont clip when the volume has been cranked up into position full.

Escii: your are right… My speakers are the worst in the world :( and I’will replace them with something very good in the future--------------------

Btw, I have this kind of problem only with some songs :blink: … I don’t get distortion from many other songs made with renoise------------ Who knows?? ;)

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can it be because that your CPU is working on top?

…No… I tried :(

I have a low CPU usage when playing songs---------------------It’s a REAL mistery… :unsure:

For example: evilcookie’s “The day after” doesn’t “crack”, It-alien’s “the song I prefer” sounds with distortion, and so on…

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“the song I prefer” has a VERY loud signal somewhere, which can lead to distortion with poor speakers or sound cards.

I could remaster it at lower signal, but I like that “home-made sound” of this song, which is, after all, made at my home :)

Just a question: does this happen only in Renoise or does it happen in general?

It’s in general… And as I told you it happens only for some songs------------

My sound card is a creative audigy 2 platinum


I have no ideas about giving an explaination to this problem… I’ll give up :(

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Ok, I thought it was a Renoise-problem.
Then to some other questions: What kind of motherboard do you have?
Are you using ASIO or DirectSound when this is happening?
Is it only loud mixed songs that makes this crackle?
Have you checked the output-signal from your computer to your mixer/monitors?

I don’t know if I understood the tip in the right way… Btw, I still get distortion :blink:

---- I found the solution: I won’t pump up my speakers’ volume to the max level anymore! :P

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here is a strange thing I noticed yesterday:

I downloaded a vst plug in called “inspector”. It’s a volume meter---------
I played my song with autodecrease on, de-clipper off, and the compressor/limiter on the mastertrack (so I should’ve been sure there weren’t distortions, no??)--------

For the second playback I loaded Inspector in the master track (togheter with the compressor) and I noticed I was still getting distortion, even if renoise wasn’t detecting it :blink:

How is it possible?? I’d better to say: is it possible?? ;)

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maybe the output of your soundcard is just a wee bit too loud. have you checked this?

My soundcard’s output is ok…


Many thanks to twilek, guest and…ehm…guest for their (useful) feedbacks :blink: -------------------------
gainer is the solution!!!------------------

:drummer: thank you!! :drummer: