No Ideas...

Does anyone have this?

in the last few weeks when i want to make a bit of music , i start a song , make a rhytm or something, and then BENG… absolute no ideas,so i hardly finish ANY song…
thought like hey, this will go over… but …well … im kinda getting F@*ed about it…
i just want to make a new song… and finish it…

(hmmz… i sound depressed…im not :P

weird shit happens sometimes i guess…

Yeah, you’re not alone… :) Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you try, you just don’t come up with something. The upside of this is that you sometimes instead have loads of inspiration, good ideas and really compose great stuff.

My advice is go out in the nature and get some inspiration or just wait and it will come back :)

happens to me all the time.
out of the last ~16 tunes i started, i actually finished one, which is “she felt like…”.
the others last all around 4-7 minutes each, but lack a proper arrangement and/or sustensions. somewhen i just reach the point, where i lose interest in what i’ve started and the reason for that is, as i’ve figured recently, that i’m not pleased with the songs inherently, making me lose interest and let them die a slow death on my HD…

other reasons are renoise-related incompatabilities. like changes made from one version to another, destroying previous tunes to some extend.
i most commonly lack the motivation to get them fixed for newer versions again…
for quite a while i was using that vst2dx wrapper, which enabled me to use DX plugs with renoise. usually the plugins within the wrapper got properly restored upon songload, but after i was forced to re-install the OS, including all the additional software, the wrapper always loaded empty and no plugins were restored… so these songs sound totally different now without the plugins and i don’t really recall which ones i used or even how i did set them up.

so my advice would be, to keep it going - continue writing new stuff and leave the other unfinished songs behind for the time being.
somewhen you’ll start a song which almost writes itself and will become finished in no time and from now and then you might be motivated enough, to continue labour at some of the older titles.
that’s at least the way i do it :)

Well 1 song out of 16 is not that bad. Now I counted my songs and I have about 130 songs, mostly short 2 pattern songs. Maybe I’ve finished 10 in total. And if I were to count the songs I’ve never saved too just they might be a couple of hundreds.

Anyway, the finished songs are almost all for a certain project, like beatbattles or movie projects. So a good motivation to finish stuff is that you must have it finished for some reason. The songs I do for fun almost never get finished :)

I know 'bout unfinished songs yes, got truckloads of them
though i;m still kinda sad of losing ALL my Fasttracker songs (quite of them were good)
was my own fault though, thought i moved ALL files to another partition before wiping the one… but i forgot my FT2 dir…which contained ALL my fasttracker songs

still got the ones from 1994-1999 amiga modules :P

I miss a bunch of my old amiga tunes, just have a few of them I’ve found on internet. Although what I really miss are my since long gone old Soundtracker songs from '89, which was my first experience with computer music and trackers… would have been interesting to listen to them now :)

some of my older modules are still on the aminet :P

got free aminet cds for that LOL

when you upped something on the aminet you recieved an email so you could get you aminet cd for “free” you only had to include a 10DM bill for shipping it (…10 DM was something like 5 EURO… and aminet cds costed something like 17 euro so you had them cheaper lol…)


i still got the very first tune i ever wrote, and of course it rulez bigtime.

it was written in 1993 with amiga protracker and has the glorious name “CHIP1.MOD” ( i only wrote chiptunes during the first 1.5 years)
enjoy ;)

btw: eternal speaker = me, back then…

my oldest module still available is “Startrekkin’ Forever”, made on (guess it) Amiga Startrekker on late 1992, in cohoperation with a friend of mine called AntAnio(*), who discovered and learned tracking together with me, quitting it for guitar playing about one year after, but still using trackers now and then to make song drafts for his band.

Features of this MOD:
you will see It-Alien using a loop sample!! :D

My early age modules I still like the most are:

  • Strange Feelings, made on 1995 with FT1 on PC and then saved as XM on FT2 two years later. Really odd song… I should remake it sometimes.
  • Thought, made on Amiga and then remade on FT1 on 1997.

(*) (the pun in the nickname AntAnio is sort of unexplanable in english:
“Antonio” is of course his name, while “antani” is a no-meaning word which was introduced by a 70’s italian comedy movie, together with a nonsense language called “supercazzola” :))

hit me with some ftp and will show my first track made couple years ago with ft2…greatest shit i have ever made, i think…never even got it finished cos i ran out ov sample lots :D

Shame on you! Now I´m disappointed ;)

Ontopic: Well, the inspiration loss does also happen all the time here. What I do against it, is mostly trying to remix something. (though it doesn´t help in the most cases).

And as already said, go out into the nature or meet some friends. Mainthing is: Do something else, the inspiration will hit you when it hits you… (whoa… what an intelligent phrase :) )

yeah well…
reality hit me hard in the face today

wanted to go today so i walked out of the door to get my bike,which was standing below , then i saw it was complete dismantled, so i looked around and saw my girls bike missing, looked around,saw that some guys had broken into,
but that was part one of the day

i took the car (hadnt got the bike…)
so i went to sumthing, and when that was finished i got back to my car,got in drove backwards , and SLAMmed into another car,not hard,but enough to get some damage on the back of my bumper…

but boy…
this doenst lead to ANY inspiration to make a song though

[depressed pissed off mode [ON]]

this happens to me all the freakin time… creativity come and goes. i get alot of inspiration going to concerts, having concerts, and all live performance actually. feedback on the renoise community also helps alot :) and a healthy lifestyle also makes me more creative then before :P if you’re not into such things I suggest a glass of redwine :rolleyes:

edit: btw, ive only finnished about 4 songs with renoise. and my HD is packed with unfinnished material :blink: im not releasing any songs im not satisfied with…