No "keyjazz" Please

ok, this is not a bug but i wish there was an option to disable the way 1.5 beta forces you to work in the polyphonic “keyjazz” mode when recording notes during playback

i’m finding this a pain with monophonic synthesizers and playing simple percussion tracks with a keyboard


Have to agree here, the loss of keyjazz has been a huge step backwards for me in functionality and is one of the reasons I am still using 1.281, while only bugtesting in 1.5, which is a big shame as 1.5 has so much more to offer.

Another step backwards for me has been the right click menus, although a big improvement for renoise I am missing the old right click functions in the pattern editor and disc-op. Ideally it would be great if there was an option to enable the menus to be used with RMB and a modifier key i.e:

-Shift + RMB: enables/ brings up menu
-Just RMB :works as the old functionality

The default would be left as it is now but the option for this would be great.

Big appeal to the devs on these issues as they both affect my workflow significantly.

I constantly try out melody lines etc with a VST on the QWERTY keyboard (I don`t use my MIDI keyboard with renoise at the moment). As a default I have automatic note-offs disabled, this is how I track as it is most efficient for me.

If keyjazz is on while disabling note-offs and you want to try out a mono line such as a melody you end up with layering of sounds (generally a mess) coming out of the speakers. With keyjazz disabled this problem is overcome and you can try and track your melodies successfully. All depends on how you track, whether this is useful.

A change in name would be a definite logical improvement.

no - no modifer key …

this kills the sense of the context menu … a context menu is for fast accessing basic funktions (and cut/copy/paste is great now) … like in other apps too …

the idea of drag’n’drop via an extra button was stupid enough (the selecting-problems could have been solved by programming a small delay between selecting and drag’n’drop - in my opinion) … no more extra keys for NEW great user-friendly functions with the only reason to keep the old feeling …

i suggested long time ago bigger track-mute and column-add/sub buttons … but nothing happened.

i loved the solo/mute functions via simple click too but an user-friendly context-menu is a bigger advantage.

maybe the old track-mute/solo functions could be added via Shift+MouseButton. B)

There is a good reason to keep the old feeling if it actually effects speed of working, extra double-clicking each time to change track + double-clicking in the disc-op where a single rmb hit would do the job before, maybe not adding hours to tracking but things just become more fiddly. The old rmb functionality imo was a good feature.

What I am suggesting (and I think it has been suggested by others in another thread somewhere) is that somewhere in configs this can be chosen by the user. As I said before I think the default should be left as it is now. I can`t really see it to be a problem for others if this is configurable.

This would be an improvement but I would still prefer the configuration instead or aswell.

This could work but personally I am wanting to mute/ unmute tracks a lot more often than wanting to use the options in or via the menus. If however this could be configurable, I think everyone wins…

I find the Polyphonic mode ONLY useful when im making melodys that require chords and drums parts that i feel need layers.
but I love it off (monophonic) when Im brain stormming some Drums beats.
I like to bulid 1 collum of a basic rhythm…then turn keyjazz on to give it a fealing of other band members playing over the main beat. :D
or beter yet.
If im trying to make a true monophonic bass sequnce …without having to delete 4 million
collums that I accedntly pressed many keys at the same time. :angry:


We need a keyjazz toggle. Thanks

I like it the way it is now

well, then just give us an option to turn it off. you can leave it on if you like to. :)

Hm, I didn’t know that the keyjazz-disable was killed in 1.5. Hmmm… I only layer monophonic lines and my external monophonic hardware synths don’t like being offered more than one note at a time. :huh:

Make it optional and I guess everybody is/stays happy.

If its brought back Don’t name it keyjazz!

OWh… and suppose if you want to use a limited two or three subtracks poly-mode you just set your cursor three tracks back right?

that work around work perfect…thanks.
when im done, I just cut and paste it to the first collum.

Beken One :drummer: