No MBC this year? :(

(Zer0 Fly) #21

Someone please make compo happen. I’m too sick atm, constantly feeling awkward, having to try to abstain from all those distracting activities and ideas and tempting sensual pleasures.

My thoughts and feelings are with the charakter (be it real or not) of the @Fosterr, and I’m very sorry that my former words could be interpreted as rude. Seems to feel so much more sick than me, and should maybe seek advice from some upright spiritual master. While I myself am very sick since many years as well and have nothing to give than these kindly thought of words. It is just I’m not in any position to deepen that topic. While the fire burns it might be wise to try not to fuel it anymore and just let it burn by itself, dodging the flames where they still are, until it lost substance.

Maybe a compo can bring distraction. I would really like it to happen as well.

Motto suggestions so far, let’s push things by doing a vote soon:

  • catnip (meowwwww dat hangover…)

  • communism (aye, commandante!)

  • reality of the music industry (win some free autotuned vocals…)

  • nobody wants to sacrifice some time to make it happen… (would win eternal renoise forum fame otherwise)

(Komu) #22

Hey come on! What it takes to make this happen! I can do it.

(Komu) #23

I’ve been waiting whole year to participate in Mutant Breakz. I also thought that it was cool to make “10 tracks only” limit theme in renoise, but it’s the 11th year dumbass?

(The Empty Self) #24

if you want to make it happen

create an official thread post the rules and give a submission date 1 month i think its appropiate

(Komu) #25

I’ll do it in couple of days, If it’s okay and nobody else isn’t interested?

(Mannaz230) #26

komu to the rescue