No Midi Device For Ibook

ok. im really really new to this. i make music, but ive never used a tracker of any sort. the reason im getting into trackers, is because my PC is in storage, and im using my ibook. i still NEED to make music, and i LOVE game music…

anyway. i cant choose any midi device in renoise. actually i dont really know how to do it in milkytracker, or any of the other ones ive tried to use. sometimes when ive pressed a key on the keyboard with milkytracker, it played noise. cant even do that on renoise. so whats up with all this? theres NO audio input for the ibook at all. am i screwed?

thanks with any info.

i have NO hardware of any sort. i kinda played around with it using xm songs. i can get it to make noise… but im still not sure about a lot.